Privacy policy

BPA Innovation with its registered office in Gdańsk /Postcode: 80-309/, al. Grunwaldzka 472A, with KRS number: 0000462192, REGON: 14668992, NIP: 5252555332, that is the owner of the Bplanner service (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”) respects its Users’ right to privacy and personal data. Read the information below to learn about our privacy policy.

1. What data about you do we collect?

1.1. Data are collected on registration. To use the Bplanner Service, you must create an account. On registration, we will ask you about your email address and password you will use in the Service.
For statistical purposes, you may also give information on the company you are employed with, its address and area of expertise.
1.2. The data are collected when you contact us. When you contact us online, by phone, email etc., you give us your personal data, e.g. first name, last name, email address etc.

2. How do we use your data?

2.1. We will not give your personal data to third parties, subject to item 2.2.
2.2. The data entered by the User in the Website may be provided to third parties under the provision of services through the website (sending a teaser to an investor; giving another User access to the project) at the User’s express request only.
2.3. The data collected on registration are used only to create an account in the Service.
2.4. The data collected from the correspondence between the Users and the Service are used only to respond to queries.
2.5. Should there be an inspection by the Inspectorate General for Personal Data Protection, the Users’ data may be provided to the Inspectorate employees under the Personal Data Protection Act.
2.6. If the rules of the Service or law are violated or if legal regulations require so, the Service Owner may provide the Users’ data to law enforcement authorities.

3. Use of cookies

3.1. Some areas of the Service may use what is known as cookies, that is, information sent to the User’s browser by the Service servers and stored on the User’s hard disk.
3.2. Cookies are harmless to your computer, computer User and User’s data.
3.3. Cookies are required in order to use the Service.
3.4. Cookies are used only to store information about the current session.
3.5. We do not use the cookies permanently stored on the User’s computer.

4. How do we protect your personal data?

4.1. The access to the User’s data is protected by the logging-in process. When logging in, every Service User uses an individual password, not revealed to anyone, which is stored in an encrypted form.
4.2. Every registered User may close his/her account in the Service by sending a message to the email address, To verify whether the data are authentic, you must send your resignation from the same email address from which you registered in the system. When the account is closed, any data stored in the Service are removed.
4.3. The Service shall reserve the right to send messages notifying about internal changes, promotions etc. to anyone who has an account in the Service.

5. Changes to the privacy policy.

5.1 The Service shall reserve the right to introduce changes to the Privacy Policy.